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Bushing Kit Std Bolt

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Bushing Kit Std Bolt - Call For Price
Std Dual Rate Bushing (1), P-80 Bush Lube (1), 7/8" Sae Washer (1), 7/8"-9 Unc X 10 Hex Bolt (1), 7/8"-9 Unc SecureLOK Nut (1), Wear Washer (2)

Part #: Vs-21166
Model #:
Replaces #: Hendrickson#S-21166
Shipping Method: UPSGround

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Dual Rate Bushing With Voids. 6.75" Oal X 1.25"id Inner Sleeve. Housing Of 5.5"id X 6" Long, 70 Durometer. Use Inserts To Reduce Id Size.
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