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**All Repair work must have prior written, or email, approval from Cush to be eligible for warranty coverage**

1.) Refer to Cush Warranty Statements for definition of coverage, exclusions & limitations. Warranties limited by application and age.
2.) Notify Cush's warranty upon discovery & FAX this form to Cush Warranty Dept. @ 417-724-0126 or email to
3.) If Clam is approved by terms of Cush warranty sheet 2 will be completed and returned to POC with allowances per the WR claim number.
4.) All warranty work must be performed at a POC location approved by Cush.
5.) Any unauthorized work or parts purchased for a warranty repair will not be paid by Cush and will delay the processing of the remaining claim.
6.) Labor allowances and acceptable shop rates will be determined by Cush Corp and must be approved before work begins.
7.) Wi-3024-1 sheet is to get info for warranty request to Cush, Wi-3024-2 sheet by Cush for warranty allowances and parts tracking.

**Warranty Review at Cush can't begin until ALL information of this sheet is provided to Cush**

Complete the Form Below To Send Email to Cush

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