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Don Querciagrossa  -  VP Equipment & Maintenance, Groendyke Transport

"Cush has always delivered when asked to provide suspensions on short notice."

Janice Huber  -  Purchasing Manager, TRAIL-EZE Trailers

"I would like to congratulate Cush Corp on their 10th year anniversary. I can honestly say that everyone at Cush Corp is a pleasure to work with. Being a purchasing agent for a specialty trailer manufacturer, I can’t tell you how important it is to have a vendor that understands your needs and your wants on every order. The relationship built between Cush and Trail-Eze has been a very good one. The service and quality of their products and people are unparalleled. "

Jeff Walters Jr.  -  VP of Engineering, Globe Trailer

"CUSH’s value added and creative out of the box attitude has been key to Globe Trailers production and highly customized trailer suspension needs. Whenever there has been a need CUSH has not let us down."