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Solid D-25364
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Part # - C3512-70
Model # - CLT,CLL
Narrow Solid Hourglass Bushing, 70 Duro. 3.6"oal X 1.25"id With 5.5"id Housing X 3"long.
Replaces: Cush C3511-70, Hendrickson AANT bushing in S-26321(D-25364): TRI-FUNCTIONAL III Bushing
Rubber Pivot Bushing
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Part # - C0052
Dual Rate Bushing With Voids. 6.75" Oal X 1.25"id Inner Sleeve. Housing Of 5.5"id X 6" Long, 70 Durometer. Use Inserts To Reduce Id Size.
Replaces: In Tri-Functional I or II kit S-21166:Hendrickson#C-3558:Mullins#72-180: WC#17993-125:Dayton Parts#321-397
Energy Suspensions 90.7010
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Part # - C0081
Model # - CAL
Split Polyurethane Bushing With Inner Steel Sleve Id For 7/8" Bolt, 3" Long Grip.
Replaces: Reyco 90.7010
Single-Narrow bushing kit
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Part # - VS-26321-1
Model # - CLT, CLL, CXL
Bushing Kit To Replace For One Beam. Bushing X 1, 7/8" X 7"lg ShearHead Bolts X 1, SecureLOK Nuts X 1, Wear Washers X 2, Drive-in Inserts X2, Bushing Lube (E-20 Impact Socket...
Replaces: Hendrickson#S-26321 (1/2): Hendrickson#S-23320
15K Equalizer Bushing
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Part # - C0146
Model # - CAP, CRL
Rubber Equalizer Bushing For 15k Mech Suspension. 3.75"Lg X 2.13"od X 1.13" ID. (For 7/8" Bolt, Use With T0061 Reducer)
Replaces: Dexter Bush
Single-Yoke Sleeved Bush Kit
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Part # - K0345
Model # - CY, CYL
(1)Bushing In 6.2"od Sleeve X 7"lg, Wear Washers(2), (1)7/8" X 12"lg Grd8 HCS,(1)SecureLOK Nut, (2)Double Step Inserts To Reduce 1.25"id Bush To 0.9"id And Space To 8" Wide.
Replaces: Similar to Hendrickson#A-13136
Yoke Bushing in Sleeve
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Part # - AT0031
Model # - CY:CLY
6.75" Long Bushing(C0052) In 6.2"od X 7"long Sleeve(T0031) For Yoke Suspensions.
Replaces: Hendrickson std bush in yoke sleeve.
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