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As we move stronger into the mainstream suspension markets, we understand how we began and that we need to have part of our business come from custom designs.


CUSH Features

  • Designed for your application
  • Utilize industry standard parts
  • Best in class performance standards
  • Custom design optimized for you
    Cush Pop-UP Roller Lift  CRL

    Cush Pop-UP Roller Lift CRL

    Cush axle lift technology utilized for a family of compact efficient trailer OilField Trailer Pop-Up Rollers. Can be installed by OEM or end user.

    Features: Accommodates 16” to 20” Roller_Roller Removable for Service_Rubber Bushed Pivots_ Integrated Chain Limiters_Standard Air Spring_Vertical Compact Design
    Options: Cush Roller Length Short or Full Deck_Air Control Kit_More Compact 22K Kit_Cush Deck Roller 60” to 86” Long
    Capacity: Single Roller Capacity: 22,000 & 28,000 lbs._Deck Roller Capacity 50,000 lbs.

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    Cush Slider Z-Rail

    Cush Air Ride Z-Rail slider products for platform I-beam trailers. Designed for single or tandem applications. Designed for Low Mount or Top Mount suspensions.

    Features: Cush Air Pin Kit_Optimized for weight and strength.
    Options: Cush Suspension Options_Custom design for your application
    Capacity: 20,000 lbs Single_46,000 lbs Tandem
    Ride Height: 5" to 16"

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    CushFLEX Tri-axle 75K Trailer Rigid Point

    CushFLEX Tri-axle 75K Trailer Rigid Point

    Mechanical tri-axle walking beam type suspension with cantilever leaf springs at fore and aft axle, and leaf spring on center axle, to improve performance. For off-road heavy haul applications in commercial or military trailer market (Patent Pending Design).

    Features: Independent cantilever springs on fore and aft axles_4" wide leaf spring on center axle_Improved articulation and weight distribution over walking beam or single spring pack_Individual axle alignment_Integrated bump stops_Full tube support trunnion hanger
    Capacity: 75,000 to 90,000 lbs.
    Ride Height: 9" minimum

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    Mechanical Spring 10K-15K CAP

    Mechanical Spring 10K-15K CAP

    Axle alignment integrated into the hanger. This unit is to replace the Dexter HAP kit.

    Features: Heavier duty hangers than competitive product_Allows use of pipe cross-member bracing_Taller hanger than the Dexter for better tire clearance at trailer deck bottom.
    Options: Single, tandem, or triaxle_With or without u-bolt kit.
    Capacity: 10,000 to 15,000 lbs/axle
    Ride Height: 6" Laden Ride Height

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