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Suspension - Air Control Kits

All air rides need an air control kit to operate properly.  Our suspensions are designed to have Height Control Valve mountings integrated for easy installation.  With the right controls, your air suspension can increase the value of your vehicle.

CUSH Kit Features

  • Compact No-delay Height Control Valve
  • Air Schematics Available on Demand 
  • Proven Air Controls for Trucking
  • Readily Available Replacement Parts
  • Integrated Height Control Valve Mountings
    Trailer +/- 3 Manual Lever

    Trailer +/- 3 Manual Lever

    Manual Pull Height Control Adjustment Kit designed for lowboy trailer maneuverability.

    Features: Brackets mount directly to the front of the hanger. With positive position spring. Tall hanger features holes for 1" ride height adjustment changes.
    Options: Tall or short hanger bracket.

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    Trailer 6-Position Ride Height w/ Manual Valve Adjustment

    Trailer 6-Position Ride Height w/ Manual Valve Adjustment

    Designed to eliminate manual adjustment brackets that are hard to get to. This kit can be operated from the rear of the trailer with valves.

    Features: Lowboy Trailer Air Control Dual height control valves with height positions of: Full dump, Nominal, +2” up, and –2” down, Full up, +2"up with rear axle lifted.
    Options: Cush integrated panel mount
    Capacity: Triaxle trailer with rear axle lift
    Ride Height: Full dump to full height

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